Frescoes on the Walls

Entrance of the Chapel

Chapel of St Catherine

Situated between the Karanlik (Dark) Church and the Carikli Church, the Chapel of St. Catherine it has a free-cross nave and narthex. The central bay is covered by a dome and the cross arms are barrel-vaulted. It's apse is closed by a templon. The narthex has nine floor graves and two arcosolia (burial niches).

Only in the nave of the chapel are some decorations with figures. The pendentives are decorated with carvings.
The Chapel of St. Catherine, built by a donor named Anna, dates back to the 11th century.

Scenes: Deesis in the apse with the templon, below are Doctors of the Church (Gregory, Basil the Great and John Chrysostom), on the south wall of the northern arm is St. George, opposite St. Theodore, St. Catherine and other panel s depicting saints.

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